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Sage Liao

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Not to be confused with Liao or Elder Liao.
NeutralSage Liao
Image of Sage Liao
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 20-35
Occupation Sage
Location Zouchin Strand, Kun-Lai Summit
Status Alive

Sage Liao is a pandaren located in Zouchin Strand in Kun-Lai Summit.



  • Does the agony ever stop?
  • I'm not dead yet you scavenger!
  • What has the world come to when you can't even die without crabs picking at you?
The first group that came - the Trolls.. they cared nothing for us - walked right past us, pushing our families out of the way.
The next, though - the mercenaries. They took us prisoner, stole from our homes, and threatened us with death if we resisted.

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