Sally "Salvager" Sandscrew

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HordeSally "Salvager" Sandscrew
Image of Sally "Salvager" Sandscrew
Title Armor Vendor,
Slightly Damp Salvage
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 5
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Bilgewater Cartel
Occupation Vendor
Location Kezan; Lost Isles; Azshara
Status Alive

Sally "Salvager" Sandscrew is a goblin vendor that will sell different armor sets as your goblin progresses through the goblin zones.


Sells the following level 5 gear when at the Lost Isles:

Inv belt 04.png [Drenched Leather Belt]
Inv boots 06.png [Drenched Leather Boots]
Inv bracer 04.png [Drenched Leather Bracers]
Inv gauntlets 18.png [Drenched Leather Gloves]
Inv pants wolf.png [Drenched Leather Pants]
Inv gauntlets 27.png [Drenched Leather Vest]
Inv belt 24.png [Waterlogged Cloth Belt]
Inv boots 05.png [Waterlogged Cloth Boots]
Inv bracer 07.png [Waterlogged Cloth Bracers]
Inv gauntlets 27.png [Waterlogged Cloth Gloves]
Inv pants 12.png [Waterlogged Cloth Pants]
Inv shirt black 01.png [Waterlogged Cloth Vest]

Sells the following level 10 gear when at Azshara & Kezan:

Inv belt 24.png [Recovered Knit Belt]
2s 51c
Inv boots 09.png [Recovered Knit Boots]
3s 76c
Inv bracer 10.png [Recovered Knit Bracers]
2s 54c
Inv gauntlets 23.png [Recovered Knit Gloves]
2s 54c
Inv pants 06.png [Recovered Knit Pants]
5s 8c
Inv shirt 07.png [Recovered Knit Vest]
5s 10c
Inv chest chain.png [Salvaged Chain Armor]
5s 27c
Inv belt 06.png [Salvaged Chain Belt]
2s 67c
Inv boots 01.png [Salvaged Chain Boots]
3s 97c
Inv bracer 05.png [Salvaged Chain Bracers]
2s 67c
Inv gauntlets 04.png [Salvaged Chain Gloves]
2s 50c
Inv pants 03.png [Salvaged Chain Leggings]
Inv belt 03.png [Water-Stained Leather Belt]
2s 57c
Inv boots wolf.png [Water-Stained Leather Boots]
3s 84c
Inv bracer 02.png [Water-Stained Leather Bracers]
2s 60c
Inv gauntlets 18.png [Water-Stained Leather Gloves]
2s 60c
Inv chest leather 04.png [Water-Stained Leather Harness]
5s 20c
Inv pants wolf.png [Water-Stained Leather Pants]
5s 21c

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