Sanctum of G'Hanir

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The statue of Aviana in the Sanctum of G'Hanir.

The Sanctum of G'hanir is a small clearing in Darkheart Thicket. A wooden statue of Aviana and a small cabin are situated here. This is where the dungeon's first boss is encountered, Archdruid Glaidalis, a master druid.[1] Despite the Emerald Nightmare's success at corrupting much of Val'sharah, a small amount of the flora here has managed to resist its taint.

This area leads directly from The Rotten Grotto, and a long path takes you down to the Miasmic Gorge.



G'Hanir was a great tree shaped by Freya in the Emerald Dream. It was a source of healing and balance. The Wild God Aviana had a great connection with this tree, hence the appearance of her statue in this area.[2]