Sandsorrow Watch (quest)

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NeutralSandsorrow Watch
Start Driz Plunkbow
End Trenton Lighthammer
Level 45 (Requires 43)
Category Tanaris
Experience 2,750
Rewards 30s
Previous N [45] Blisterpaw Butchery
Next N [45] Blood to Thrive


Speak with Trenton Lighthammer at Sandsorrow Watch.


If you're looking for more work, I've got a line for you.

I know an elf by the name of Trenton Lighthammer who's been obsessed with the sand trolls near here for years. He's dead-set on finding some kind of mythical sword made by them, and just a while ago he finally got a crew together to go to Sandsorrow Watch and look for it.

Last I heard, they kicked the trolls out of one of their camps and set up shop there. Look for it to the west, near Zul'Farrak.



Marin sent you? I'm appreciative of his help.

I'm here to seek out Sul'thraze. If you wish to help, speak with Mazoga...he's been cooperative so far.


You will receive: 30s


  1. N [45] Sandsorrow Watch
  2. N [45] Blood to Thrive
  3. N [45] Sang'thraze the Deflector
  4. N [45] Darkest Mojo
  5. N [46] Secrets in the Oasis
  6. N [47D] Into Zul'Farrak
  7. N [49D] Chief Ukorz Sandscalp

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