Sapmaster Vu

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NeutralSapmaster Vu
Image of Sapmaster Vu
Title <Strange Brews>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,000
Location The Sunset Brewgarden, Dread Wastes
Status Alive

Sapmaster Vu is a pandaren quest giver in Sunset Brewgarden within the Dread Wastes. He is part of a long line of courageous (or crazy) pandaren brewmasters who brave the Dread Wastes in hopes of finding exotic ingredients to brew the best beverages. Most notably, Vu uses the amber sap from the Kypari trees to make his signature  [Shimmering Amber-Brew]. He worries that the corruption of the Sha of Fear will eventually destroy all the Kypari trees and make his craft impossible.

During the Dread Wastes storyline, he uncovers a Klaxxi prophecy and, convinced that it is actually a beer recipe, goes on a trip with the player, Lya of Ten Songs, and Olon the Chuggernaut to find what the prophecy/recipe has in store. The trip leads to the freedom of the Klaxxi Paragon Iyyokuk the Lucid and the creation of his new Dreadbrew during N [90] Blood of Ancients, which can be used to help Han Stormstout.

He is later seen selling his strange brews with Olon on the Timeless Isle.


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