Sapper's Shield

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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

A sapper's life is nasty, brutal and short. A sapper who manages to get to her objective and blow it up is lucky if she can hobble home and sew her fingers and toes back on. Gnomes realised the need for those who work with things that go boom to have some sort of protection from explosive forces. This created a brief burst of technological innovation in clumsy armor suits and weird extended arms. The result was the sapper's shield. The sapper's shield is a specially reinforced tower shield with an alchemically treated glass window. This window has the same strength as steel and is of the variety used in gnomish submersibles. The shield has two armored gauntlets on the front; from behind the shield, the sapper can set explosives without having to worry about premature detonation. A special set of extendable legs hold up the shield.[1]

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