Sargerei Nullifier

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MobSargerei Nullifier
Image of Sargerei Nullifier
Gender Both
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 100
Health 195,708
Mana 12,082
Wealth 55s 5c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sargerei, Burning Legion
Location Temple of Sha'naar, Tanaan Jungle
Status Killable

Sargerei Nullifiers are draenei found at the Temple of Sha'naar in Tanaan Jungle. They have forsaken the rest of the draenei people and joined the Sargerei. Now in service Gul'dan , they guard the once sacred draenei temple, as well as take part in torturing the souls trapped within.


  • Felfire Slam - Slam the ground, instantly inflicting Fire damage with additional Fire damage every 2 sec. to enemies within 6 yds. Lasts 6 sec.
  • Harmful Strike - Inflicts Shadow damage to an enemy, causing a shell of dark magic to surround the target. This shell absorbs 24225 to 26775 healing.

Objective of


  • Fool! You follow the wrong path!
  • The naaru's promises were empty. Our new master gives us true power!
  • What good is faith, when the Legion grants such power?
  • The Legion is truth. The Legion is strength!
  • Unfortunately for you, your spirit will never see Auchindoun!
  • Are you so eager to meet your ancestors?
  • In the Light, I saw only emptiness.
  • What a nuisance. I will deal with you, first!
  • I will show you to your maker!

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