Sargerei Soulpriest

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MobSargerei Soulpriest
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Gender Female
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 96 - 101 Elite
Class Priest
Health 1,225,845 (M)
Mana 23,578
Wealth 1g 92s 48c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sargerei
Former affiliation(s) Auchenai
Location Auchindoun
Status Killable

Sargerei Soulpriests are draenei located in Auchindoun. They summon psyfiends.


  • Hardened - Grants the caster immunity to Stun effects.
  • Psychic Terrors - Calls several psychic terrors from the void, inflicting Shadow damage and fearing targets for 15 sec. These terrors may be defeated to remove the effect early.
  • Shadow Word: Pain - A word of darkness that causes 86940 to 87750 Shadow damage instantly, and an additional 43605 Shadow damage every 1.5 sec. over 9 sec.

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