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Not to be confused with Snarltooth.
Image of Sarltooth
Gender Male
Race Skeletal raptor (Undead)
Level 20 - 60 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Whelgar's Excavation Site, Wetlands

Sarltooth is a rare skeletal raptor located at Whelgar's Excavation Site in the Wetlands.

Prior to Cataclysm, he was a level 29 blue raptor who could usually be found in his nest at the top of the western wall of the excavation. The path up to him was in the southwest corner of the excavation.

Objective of

When alive

Removed from game The subject of this section has been removed from World of Warcraft in patch 4.0.3a.

Patch changes

  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Level reduced from 29 to 23. Changed to a skeletal raptor.

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