Sassy Hardwrench

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HordeSassy Hardwrench
Image of Sassy Hardwrench
Title <Your Executive Assistant
Your Former Executive Assistant>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 5
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location KTC Headquarters, Kezan; Lost Isles; Hardwrench Hideaway, Cape of Stranglethorn
Status Alive

Sassy Hardwrench is a level 5 goblin quest giver at the KTC Headquarters in Kezan, then later on the Lost Isles. Sassy herself is an important quest giver throughout the Goblin starting zone experience, providing many quests throughout Kezan and the Lost Isles. As such, she plays an important role in the story throughout the zone in supporting her boss/former boss ((the player character)) as he/she works to rescue the Goblins from the Isles. She first appears as "Your Executive Assistant" whilst on Kezan, a title which changes to "Your Former Executive Assistant" whilst exploring the Lost Isles.

After the goblin starting quests are finished, she subsequently appears at Hardwrench Hideaway in Cape of Stranglethorn.


Sassy Hardwrench on the Lost Isles
Lost Isles
Cape of Stranglethorn


  • She was known as Sassy Hardhearted in the earliest demos.
  • A joke post was placed at declaring that insider information revealed Sassy as the new Warchief.

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