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Sating the Savage Beast

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AllianceSating the Savage Beast

29 (Requires 26)




+75 Stormwind



Deliver the Meaty Offering to Ton Windbow at Grimtotem Post in Stonetalon Mountains. Provided Item:


You heard the commander, <name>. Deliver me perfect offerin' to the Grimtotem ambassador! Him and his crew be waitin' for you at the bottom of the southeastern path.

This is sure to put us in the good graces of their chieftain!


<Ton Window sniffs at the air and raises his left hand.>

You have brought something for us?


<Ton and his bodyguards scarf down the meaty offering.>

This... this is the greatest thing I have ever tasted. You may prove to be a valuable ally, but before the Grimtotem agree to work with the Alliance, you must agree to our terms. I will now give to you those terms as told to me by my leader. Take them back to your commander and see if he accepts.


Northwatch Expedition Base Camp/Deep Reaches:

  1. A [28] Tell 'Em Koko Sent You
  2. A [28] The Deep Reaches
    1. A [28] They Put the Assass in... Never Mind
    2. A [28] Is This Thing On?
  3. A [28] Shuttin Her Down
  4. A [28] A Special Kind of Job
  5. A [29] Death by Proxy
  6. A [28] A Proper Peace Offerin'

Grimtotem Post/Camp Aparaje:

  1. A [29] Sating the Savage Beast
  2. A [29] Terms of Service
  3. A [28] Armaments for War
  4. A [29] Grundig Darkcloud, Chieftain of the Grimtotem
  5. A [30] Grimtotem Supremacy
  6. A [30] Downfall
  7. A [30] Dances with Grimtotem
  8. A [30] All's Clear (Southern Barrens, here we come!)

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