Saurid Surprise

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NeutralSaurid Surprise

110 - 120 (Requires 110)


16,450 (at level 110)


19g 40s (at level 110)


Survive Jani's prank on Sezahjin.

If you lose your saurid disguise, return to Jani for another.

  • Sezahjin reached
  • Swarm summoned
  • Sezahjin's Chef Hat stolen
  • Chef's Hat brought to Jani


Da sands of Vol'dun be full of harsh creatures, but none so harsh as dey dat da Zandalari send.

One of dese criminals be right here in da Scorched Sands. His name be Sezahjin, and he be da former chef ta da king. Did he tell ya dat he be famous for a dish called "Saurid Surprise"? Guess what da main ingredient be.

He be fallin' far, but not far enough for Jani. It be time ta take his pride.

Just be makin' sure dat da creatures of da sand not be seein' ya.


You will receive:

  • 19g 40s
  • 16,450 XP


Ya taken dat accursed chef's hat yet, richmon?


Haha! Well done, richmon. No doubt he gonna find another hat eventually, but you took da one he be wearin' when he cook up his Saurid Surprise. Ya have earned me favor.


Sezahjin after having his hat stolen.

This quest is offered by Jani at the Mysterious Trashpile in the northwest corner of the Scorched Sands Arena.[42.2, 72] Like Jani's other tasks throughout Zandalar, the quest can only be accessed by player characters who have completed the prerequisite quests for [Get Hek'd].

On accept, the player is afflicted with the "Curse of Jani" buff, transforming them into a saurid and placing them in a phased version of the Scorched Sands Arena populated by dead Sethrak Invaders as well as hostile Scorpashi Venomtails and Starving Buzzards.

Jani says: Go, my minion.[sic]Take his hat and earn de favor of Jani. But be careful not to let that hungry predators be seein' you...

While transformed, the player has the following abilities (Summon Swarm is initially grayed out and unusable):

  • Spell fire burningspeed.png  Sprint — Movement speed increased by 120% for 6 sec. 10 sec cooldown.
  • Ability mount raptor black.png  Summon Swarm — Summons a swarm of Jani's children to Sezahjin's location. 12 sec cooldown.

Begin making your way across the arena while avoiding the Venomtails and Buzzards. If the player takes damage from a mob at any point, they are instantly teleported back to the Trashpile while Jani berates them:

Jani says: Silly saurid, ya be dead again.

Furthermore, the Curse of Jani buff will instantly be removed should the player leave the Scorched Sands Arena or Scorched Sands Outpost subzones, forcing them to return to the Trashpile and talk to Jani again for a new disguise:

Greetin's, richmon. What brings ya to dis Shrine of Scavengers?
  • Gossip Release me.
  • Gossip I need a new disguise.
The player wearing Sezahjin's hat.

Successfully navigating around the mobs in the arena will allow the player to eventually reach the Scorched Sands Outpost, where all of the NPCs have turned unfriendly. Run over to Sezahjin and use the now available Summon Swarm ability to cause a pack of Children of Jani to appear and scurry around the area, causing Sezahjin to cower in fear.

Sezahjin says: Ahh! What be happenin'?! Help!

While Sezahjin is distracted, the player can interact with him to steal his chef's hat and put it on their own head. Waiting around long enough will cause the Children to despawn and things to return to normal, allowing the player to use Summon Swarm to trigger the event again if they so choose.

Run back through the arena to the Mysterious Trashpile, where Jani will laugh at the player's accomplishment:

Jani says: Hek hek hek hek!

Interact with the Trashpile and talk to Jani again to remove the Curse of Jani and turn in the quest.

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