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Savage Vigor

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Savage Vigor
Ability hunter pet wasp.png
Usable by



None/Global Cooldown

Related buff
Ability hunter pet wasp.png
  • Savage Vigor
  • Haste increased by 5%.
    Stamina increased by 10%.

Savage Vigor is a pet ability available exclusively to the rylak family of hunter pets, increasing player haste by 5% and Stamina by 10%.

Due to its tandem benefits, Savage Vigor is functionally superior to the goat family's [Sturdiness] and the bear family's [Invigorating Roar], which only offer Stamina, and to the hyena, sporebat, and wasp families' [Cackling Howl], [Energizing Spores], and [Speed of the Swarm], respectively, which only offer haste. A worthwhile alternative is the [Qiraji Fortitude] of the silithid family, which provides a boost to spell power instead of haste.

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