Save Wolf Home

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HordeSave Wolf Home
Wor'gol under attack

91 (Requires 90)




23g 60s


H [91] The Farseer


Save Wor'gol from the Thunderlord clan.


Cowardly Thunderlords...

During the battle for the citadel, runners informed me that the Iron Wolf is striking at our home. He'll find no easy footing there, Draka will make them pay tenfold for any of ours that they slay, but we must return quickly and chase the mongrels off.

You and your forces have proven valuable allies of the Frostwolves. We'd welcome your aid in securing our Wor'gol. I'll see you on the battlefield if you choose to come.


You will receive: 23g 60s


Durotan's trust in you is well-placed, <name>. You have mine as well.



On accept:

Durotan says: When you see Draka... tell her that I will be home soon.
Thrall grins at his father's words.

To continue with the zone storyline and skip the optional side quests, head out to the flight master and fly back to Wor'gol.

At Bladespire, there are a few side quests that can be done for additional rewards, reputation, and a follower. Speak with Snowrunner Rolga to pick up H [91] Mopping Up, and interact with the Bounty Board next to her for H [91G3] Wanted: Gutsmash the Destroyer. Further southwest is Guse with H [91] Slavery and Strife, and the flight master.

Arrived at Wor'gol:

The Iron Wolf yells: Korhol, Zhakta, Trokar... fall in from all sides. Gargrak, hold for now.

Wor'gol has been invaded by the Thunderlord clan! After landing, speak with Durotan to pick up H [91] Free Our Brothers and Sisters:

Durotan yells: Champion! It is good that you have joined us! I will hold these Thunderlord off in case any of your allies arrive.

Immediately southeast is the first named target, Giantslayer Zhakta. Gronnstalker Korhol is on the northwest side of the area, and Beastmaster Trokar is to the south, as well as killing the 15 Thunderlord mobs:

Zhakta slain
The Iron Wolf yells: ZHAKTA NO! will be avenged!
Korhol slain
The Iron Wolf yells: Dammit all. Gargrak, go now... Kill the blind shaman.
Trokar slain
The Iron Wolf yells: Bring me that <Race> <Class>'s head!
15 Thunderlord mobs slain
The Iron Wolf yells: Call in all reinforcements. I want the She-Wolf taken alive.

Draka shouts to help adventures out or taunt the Iron Wolf:

  • Draka yells: Reinforcements to the east.
  • Draka yells: Watch for Thunderlord from the ledge to the north.
  • Draka yells: To the south, now my brothers and sisters.
  • Draka yells: They can only attack us when most of our clan is away. Kill these Thunderlord cowards.
  • Draka yells: Watch for their warleader, Gargrak.
  • Draka yells: We will make Durotan proud this day!
  • Draka yells: Come down and face me, "Iron Wolf". I'll show you how a true wolf fights!
  • Draka yells: Protect the Pool of visions. Do not let them get to the Farseer.


  • Initially, the quest referred to Wor'gol as War'gol until it was fixed.


  1. H [91] Moving In
  2. H [91] The Bounty of Bladespire
  3. H [91] Save Wolf Home & H [91] Free Our Brothers and Sisters
  4. H [91] The Farseer
  5. H [91] Pool of Visions
  6. H [91] Back to Bladespire Citadel

After completing "The Bounty of Bladespire", two optional side quests and a wanted poster open up:

After completing "Pool of Visions", two optional side quests open up:

Patches and hotfixes

  • Hotfix (2014-11-15): "Gronnstalker Korhol, Beastmaster Trokar, and Giantslayer Zhakta should now spawn more frequently. Additionally, resolved an issue where characters may be unable to complete profession quests while this quest is active."
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added.

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