Saving Snowpuff

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AllianceSaving Snowpuff

86 (Requires 85)




Item level 372 weapons
9g 80s



Collect 4 Gingerleaf for Snowpuff.


<Donovar burs into tears upon seeing you.>

Th-th-those blasted monkey hooligans d-d-dragged me inta these woods. I thot I were dunnert, but mah faithful Snowpuff came flyin' to mah rescue!

She fought 'em off and they all jumped 'er! Wot with them apes prowlin' around, she's...

<Donovar blows his nose loudly.>

...she's done for! Wahaahaaaaaa! Unless...

Listen, <class>, I saw Gingerleaf growing all over these woods. I beg ya, bring me some o' that healing herb and Snowpuff just might make et!


Depending on your class and specialization you will get one of the following items:
Inv mace 10.png [Scavenger's Axe] Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Mace
Inv weapon shortblade 68.png [Scavenger's Blade] Inv misc questionmark.png Scavenger's Greatsword
Inv shield 09.png [Scavenger's Shield] Inv shield 09.png [Scavenger's Barrier]

You will also receive:

  • 9g 80s
  • 111000 XP


Snowpuff's fadin' fast. There, there. Hang on, ol' gurl.


Oh, thank ye from the bottom o' me liddle heart! Here Snowpuff, chew on these.


On accept:

Donovar Murall says: Snowpuff and I'll be waitin'! Please hurry!

Head into the trees. Before focusing on the other quests, keep an eye out on the minimap for gossip bubbles, representing the three SI:7 agents. They can be found in the middle of the forest by the gnomish bomber, either a few yards behind it, or in the tree just above it. Speak with all three, turn in Against the Odds, and pick up A [86] The Hardest Task.

Kill Mob Veridian Porcupines for Porcupine Steaks, kill Mob Grove Stalkers just to kill them, collect  [Gingerleaf] off the ground, and revive Wounded Crewmen. Either right-click on the crewmen to use a quest-provided heal, or toss a heal or a bandage to go much, much faster.

After completing all of the objectives, make sure to turn in Saving Snowpuff and Quillshootin' up by the lake before returning to Wayward Landing.

On complete:

Donovar Murall says: Snowpuff! Ye're saved! Oh thank ye, <class>!
Donovar Murall says: We kin make it back to camp on our own. Come talk to meh later if ya fancy borrowin' a gryphon.


  1. A [86] The King's Command
  2. A [86] The Mission
  3. A [86] They Came From Behind! & A [86] Captain Blackcrag & A [86] Tipping the Scales & A [86] Fighting the Flames
  4. Complete all of:

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