Scarab Wall

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The Scarab Wall and the Scarab Gong.
The Scarab Wall
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The Scarab Wall [29, 90] lies at the southern edge of Silithus, marking the boundary between the silithid-controlled desert and the ancient kingdom of Ahn'Qiraj. It is an impressive structure, including some sort of magical shield that also prevents creatures capable of flight to simply fly over it.

The opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj was a World Event. While in-game a player attains the rank of [Scarab Lord] when opening the wall, it is known that Shiromar was the one who rang the gong in lore. This potentially means that she is the [Scarab Lord] when it comes to the storyline.

The Scarab Wall was one of only two parts of Silithus to survive Sargeras's destruction of the zone, the other being Valor's Rest.

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