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Scarlet Monastery Graveyard

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The Graveyard
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Scarlet Monastery loading graphic
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The Scarlet Monastery Graveyard is a part of the Scarlet Monastery complex. The Graveyard is intended for players between level 28 and 33, and can be done even without a full group, usually with 3-4 people.


Main article: Scarlet Monastery

The monastery was once a proud bastion of Lordaeron's priesthood - a center for learning and enlightenment. With the rise of the undead Scourge during the Third War, the peaceful monastery was converted into a stronghold of the fanatical Scarlet Crusade. The crusaders are intolerant of all non-human races, regardless of alliance or affiliation. They believe that any and all outsiders are potential carriers of the undead plague - and must be destroyed.

Reports indicate that adventurers who enter the monastery are forced to contend with Scarlet Commander Mograine - who commands a large garrison of fanatically devoted warriors. However, the monastery's true master is High Inquisitor Whitemane - a fearsome priestess whose guardians seem difficult, if not impossible, to fell in battle.[1]




Chamber of Atonement · Forlorn Cloister · Honor's Tomb

Dungeon denizens

The Graveyard, the left-most entrance, is the easiest and smallest. The mobs are almost entirely undead; and, unlike most instances, most are non-elite.


In the Chamber of Atonement

In the Forlorn Cloister

In Honor's Tomb


The Graveyard
Name Weapons/Pets Abilities Level
Mob Interrogator Vishas Dagger, dual-wield Shadow Word: Pain 32
Mob Scarlet Sentry Sword/Shield Backhand 30-31 non-elite
Mob Scarlet Scryer Skull Shadow Bolt, Fear 30-31
Mob Scarlet Torturer Dagger Immolate 30-31
Mob Bloodmage Thalnos Staff Shadow Bolt, Fear, Shadow Bolt Volley, Immolate 32
Mob Anguished Dead Unarmed 30
Mob Unfettered Spirit Unarmed 29-30
Mob Illusionary Phantasm Unarmed 31
Mob Haunting Phantasm Unarmed 30

Quest guide

Faction Quest name Quest giver Quest giver location
Alliance Alliance A [28D] Adventurers Wanted: Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Alliance Hero's Call Board Any capital city
A [30D] The Scarlet Monastery IconSmall Human Female.gifAlliance Captain Nials Refuge Point, Arathi Highlands [40.0, 48.8]
A [30D] The Dark Side of the Light IconSmall Human Male.gifAlliance Joseph the Awakened Scarlet Monastery, Graveyard [75.8, 80.0]
Horde Horde H [28D] Adventurers Wanted: Scarlet Monastery Graveyard Horde Warchief's Command Board Any capital city
H [30D] Into the Scarlet Monastery IconSmall Undead Male.gifHorde Doctor Gregory Victor Hammerfall, Arathi Highlands [68.4, 37.8]
H [30D] The Dark Side of the Light IconSmall UndeadElf Female.gifHorde Dark Ranger Velonara Scarlet Monastery, Graveyard [75.8, 80.0]


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