Scars of the Past

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NeutralScars of the Past
Start Image of Grand Artificer Romuul
End Image of Grand Artificer Romuul
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Krokuun
Reputation +150 Army of the Light
Rewards 14g 60s
Previous N [110] Storming the Citadel
Next N [110] A Touch of Fel
N [110] Heralds of Apocalypse
N [110] Dark Machinations


Recover an Invocation Array, Vindicator Plating, and a Judgment Core.


The Army of the Light's warframes have won countless battles on Argus. Despite their power, not all who descend into the fray return.

My modifications to this frame should give us the edge we need, but several critical components are still missing.

There are remains of battles past in Nath'raxas that we can still scavenge. If you can find the pieces I need, the Legion will feel our fury yet.


You will receive: 14g 60s


Do you have the components?


Perfect! Thank you, <name>.



  1. N [110] The Speaker Calls
  2. N [110] Visions of Torment
  3. N [110] Dire News
  4. N [110] Storming the Citadel
  5. N [110] Scars of the Past & N [110] Preventive Measures & N [110] Chaos Theory
  6. N [110] Heralds of Apocalypse & N [110] Dark Machinations & N [110] A Touch of Fel
  7. N [110] Dawn of Justice
  8. N [110] Lord of the Spire
  9. N [110] Forming a Bond

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