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Scepter of Prescience

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Scepter of Prescience
A player controlling an Avatar of the Desert.

The Scepter of Prescience is a strange device located at Zul'Ahjin in Vol'dun.[47.4, 72.8] The vulpera retrieved it from the sethrak in the eastern parts of Zul'Ahjin but were unable to use it. When an adventurer approached, the object began glowing in reaction to them, or possibly to the  [Heart of Azeroth] they wore around their neck.[1]

Interacting with the scepter transforms the player into an Avatar of the Desert, a large serpent, with the ability description "Controlling an Avatar of the Desert. Silenced." While the player is unable to use abilities in this form, they can move across the ground faster than normal, and the sethrak mobs in Zul'Ahjin will be friendly to the player instead of hostile. The ability wears off immediately if the player leaves Zul'Ahjin.

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