Schematic: Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher

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Schematic: Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher is a recipe used in Engineering (a schematic). It is used to learn how to create a  [Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher], a type of gun.


This schematic is sold by Neutral Damek Bloombeard at the Molten Front (Firelands) which can be accessed through a portal in Mount Hyjal. To be able to see Bloombeard you'll have to complete the quests N [85] Druids of the Talon and N [85] The Shadow Wardens which each require 125x [Mark of the World Tree], and furthermore N [85] Additional Armaments - which also require 125 marks - to unlock Bloombeard's wares. The schematic itself is sold for 300g.

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