Schematic: Thorium Grenade

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  • Schematic: Thorium Grenade
  • Use: Teaches you how to make a Thorium Grenade.
    • Thorium Grenade
    • Use: Inflicts 400 Fire damage and incapacitates targets for 3 sec in a 3 yard radius. Any damage will break the effect. Unreliable against targets higher than level 67.
    • Requires Engineering (260)
    • 1 Charge
    • Sell Price: 15s
  • Requires Thorium Widget, Thorium Bar (3), Dense Blasting Powder (3), Runecloth (3)
  • Requires Engineering (260)
  • Sell Price: 30s


This recipe is now taught by Engineering trainers.

Until patch 2.2 (estimated), this was a limited sale recipe sold by

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