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Scholomance Student

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NeutralScholomance Student
Image of Scholomance Student
Race(s) Gnome, Human, High elf
Level 41 - 42
Health 1,585 - 1,651
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Viewing Room, Scholomance

Scholomance Students were cultists located in the Viewing Room of Scholomance. They're initially neutral, but when you attack Vectus and Marduk Blackpool they become hostile.


  • Shadow Channeling


"Did you forget your student's attire? Do you think fashion is more vital than the Scourge's domination?"
"Did you finish yesterday's assignment? If so, then sit by me!"
"Be quiet! Can't you see the master is speaking?"
"We must focus if we are to spawn our dragonflight!"
"Spend less time rattling and more time listening."
"Did you bring your textbooks? Can I look on with you?"
"Watch your step in here, <boy/girl>. The master sees all..."
"Be silent! I cannot afford to miss even a moment of this lecture!"

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