Scourge of the Downs

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NeutralScourge of the Downs

44 (Requires 40)






3s at max level



If you agree to aid Belnistrasz, speak with him again and hand the Oathstone he gave you back to him.


Outstanding! My name is Belnistrasz, and I thank you for rescuing me. I had given myself up for dead... or worse, as a meal for these Scourge-infested vermin.

Listen... rather than just flee, I want to make a difference for all of our sakes. Would you be up to helping me out to that end? It's probably dangerous, but somebody needs to do it and I seriously doubt other adventurers will wander into this desolate place.


I'm not one for politics; I care not if your affiliations are for either Horde or Alliance. I am more interested in squelching direct and dire threats to all the races... and we have quite a large one in here.

If you're willing to be a true hero for all people, then hand me the oathstone I have given you as a sign of commitment. I'm... not from around these parts; an oathstone is important to people of my kind as a bond of agreement.


Fantastic, I thought you looked to be the heroic type! We've got our work cut out for us <name>, I'm not going to lie to you. If we stay focused on the task at hand, we should be able to come out on top.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 525 experience or 3s at max level


Belnistrasz is in a cage in The Murder Pens. In the cage next to him is Vendorgossipicon.pngHenry Stern who sells the alchemist recipe Major Troll's Blood Potion and cooking recipe  [Goldthorn Tea].

Talk to Belnistrasz again to start the escort quest N [45D] Extinguishing the Idol. Make sure your whole party completes this quest before accepting the next quest which is the escort quest itself. Failure to do so results in not being able to complete the escort quest.

Razorfen Downs map
Belnistrasz @ 77.6,15.6
Henry Stern @ 80.6,17.0


  1. N [44D] Scourge of the Downs
  2. N [45D] Extinguishing the Idol

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