Scouting the Breach

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NeutralScouting the Breach

110 (Requires 110)




N [110] The Seal's Power


Aid Valtrois underneath the Sanctum of Order in Suramar City.

  • (Optional) Take the Sanctum of Order Teleporter
  • Meet with Valtrois below the Sanctum of Order
  • Clear a path to the barrier beneath the Sanctum of Order
  • Wait with Valtrois while she examines the barrier


If Ly'leth's information is accurate, there is a breach in the Sanctum of Order that could be our only way into the Nighthold.

No doubt they have magically sealed it - take Valtrois and protect her while she examines the seal. She is an exceptional talent, and I have total faith in her ability to break whatever enchantment they have cooked up.

Valtrois has her own methods of getting into the city and will meet you inside the Sanctum of Order.


You will receive:
Inv misc coin 17.png [Enchanted Nightborne Coin]

You will also receive: 19g 40s


It appears Ly'leth was correct. This is an entrance to the Nightwell - and it is well protected. Nothing is impenetrable though.

Let us have a look at the ley lines powering that shield, shall we?



Valtrois is inside the Sanctum of Order just behind the Arcway Meeting Stone.

Arcanist Valtrois says: Over here! I sense energies converging below, but aggressive guardians bar my way. I need you to clear a path.

Enter the breach in the wall, then go down the narrow corridor, fighting your way through the guards. Valtrois will follow you there.

Arcanist Valtrois says: Very efficient! Let us get a closer look... Say, this is impressive spellwork.
Arcanist Valtrois says: A mana bore, perhaps? Hmm... nothing. This requires a great deal of power to maintain.
Arcanist Valtrois says: It is not attached to the Nightwell, but to the ley lines. Yet we control them, so how can she... Ah, yes, I see!


  1. N [110] Insurrection: Elisande's Retort (optional}
  2. N [110] Before the Siege
  3. N [110] Gates of the Nighthold
  4. N [110] Temporal Investigations
  5. N [110] Those Scrying Eyes
  6. N [110] Scouting the Breach
  7. N [110] The Seal's Power

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