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For the Legion Invasions version, see  [Scrawled Pamphlet].

Scrawled Pamphlet is given by Validated Doomsayers in Dalaran after Argus appeared in the skies of Azeroth. The pamphlets are merely for flavor, and are not tied to any specific achievement or mission.



How many existential disasters can one world face? Was it not recently that we were told time-traveling orcs were coming to kill us all? Were we not told that an evil ice-man from the north was sending his undead thralls after us?

What you see in the sky is nothing but an illusion. Think about it: we all know that the so-called "Cataclysm" was a conspiracy involving earthquake machines and an elaborate dragon-puppeteering device piloted by centaur and worgen. If it was so easy for the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance to fool us, it is probably the simplest thing to make us believe this new threat appeared in our sky.

The true threat to Azeroth is the same as it always was: treants. THOSE STUPID LITTLE TREE THINGS ARE WAITING FOR US TO LET DOWN OUR GUARD. Right now they are massing their numbers while our greatest champions are hunting fruitlessly for this so-called "demon invasion."

Get your axes and woodchippers ready, because they are coming.

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