Scrawled Pamphlet (Legion Invasions)

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For the pamphlet appearing because of Argus, see  [Scrawled Pamphlet].
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The subject of this article or section was part of Legion Invasions, a world event that heralded the beginning of the Burning Legion's third invasion of Azeroth prior to Legion.

Scrawled Pamphlet is given by Doomsayers in Orgrimmar and Stormwind City as a precursor of the Legion Invasion‎.

Objective of

This item is an objective of [It All Makes Sense Now].



Azeroth will burn. None of you can stand against the Legion. Not you, not your family, not your greatest champions.

So save what you can, while you can.

Join the Legion. Now. Not later. The day will come when all mortal fools finally accept the inevitable, and there will be a great tide of people pleading for the Legion's mercy. But right now, many still cling to worthless hope. Now is your chance to claim a place in the demons' numbers, before it is too late. Bring your friends. Bring your children. (Feel free to abandon those who annoy you.)

Time is running out.

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