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Roguefeather Den.jpg
Roguefeather Den
Main leader IconSmall Harpy.gif Grenka Bloodscreech
Race(s) Harpy Harpy
Base of operations Roguefeather Den, Screeching Canyon; Cliffroost
Theater of operations Thousand Needles; Suramar

The Screeching are a group of blue-plumaged harpies found residing in Screeching Canyon in the Thousand Needles.

They storage their foodstuffs in the depths of their lair.[1]

Some time after the Cataclysm, four screeching harpies attacked Freewind Post. One of them snatched a tauren named Corewind, but Thalia Amberhide rescued him. They were attacking it irregularly, every three or four days.[2]

They are also present in Suramar on the Broken Isles.


Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall Harpy.gif Grenka Bloodscreech Leader Killable Roguefeather Den, Thousand Needles



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They could be the harpies that attacked Kova Broadhorn and Miles Corebender while in the Needles.


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