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For the Legion Invasions version, see  [Scribbled Pamphlet].


This item is given by Validated Doomsayers in Dalaran after Argus appeared in the skies of Azeroth. The pamphlets are merely for flavor, and are not tied to any specific achievement or mission.



We could have saved ourselves. We could have accepted the Legion's redemption and given in to its glorious destiny of fire and sulfur.

We could have listened; our souls would have joined the Burning Legion in its majestic crusade.

But we didn't. Azeroth's so-called "champions" chose to resist what cannot be resisted. They made war on an enemy with an infinite army.

They have damned us all. Our doom hangs in the skies above us.

All we can do now is pray that Sargeras grants us a merciful end when he purifies this world with fire.

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