Scroll of Recall III

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  • Scroll of Recall III
  • Use: Returns you to <home location>. (20 Min Cooldown)
  • Requires Level 65
  • Requires Inscription (350)
  • Sell Price: 37c

Scroll of Recall III is the 3rd and final in the Scroll of Recall series. Effectively, the scroll functions as a one-time use hearthstone. You may only use one Scroll of Recall every 20 minutes.


This item is created with Inscription (175); taught by trainers.

Materials required:
Inv inscription papyrus.png 1x [Light Parchment] Inv inscription inkpurple01.png 1x [Ink of the Sea]


This is the highest level of Scroll of Recall. Using this item will guarantee arrival at your current  [Hearthstone] location, regardless of level.

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