Scythe of Elune (artifact)

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For the history and background of the item, see Scythe of Elune.

The Scythe of Elune is the artifact used by balance druids in World of Warcraft: Legion.


See Scythe of Elune

Artifact traits

Scythe of Elune interface.jpg


Ability Ranks Linked powers
[Bladed Feathers] 4 Echoing Stars; Sunblind
[Echoing Stars] 1 Solar Stabbing; Sunblind
[Dark Side of the Moon] 4 Empowerment; Touch of the Moon; Twilight Glow
[Empowerment] 4 Dark Side of the Moon; Moon and Stars; Sunfire Burns
[Falling Star] 4 Light of the Sun; Skywrath
[Goldrinn's Fury] 1 None
[Light of the Sun] 1 Falling Star; Touch of the Moon
[Moon and Stars] 1 Empowerment; Sunfire Burns
[New Moon] 1 Skywrath
[Power of Goldrinn] 1 Touch of the Moon
[Rapid Innervation] 1 Solar Stabbing; Twilight Glow
[Scythe of the Stars] 4 Skywrath; Sunblind
[Solar Stabbing] 4 Echoing Stars; Rapid Innervation
[Skywrath] 1 Falling Star; New Moon; Scythe of the Stars
[Sunblind] 1 Bladed Feathers; Scythe of the Stars
[Sunfire Burns] 4 Empowerment; Moon and Stars; Twilight Glow
[Touch of the Moon] 4 Dark Side of the Moon; Light of the Sun; Power of Goldrinn
[Twilight Glow] 4 Dark Side of the Moon; Rapid Innervation; Sunfire Burns

Hidden trait: Feral Worgen will appear in Val'sharah. Purifying them of their rage using the Scythe of Elune will grant you a small amount of Artifact Power.


Ability Ranks
[Radiance of the Cenarion Circle] 1
[Light of the Evening Star] 4
[Wax and Wane] 1
[Circadian Invocation] 1
[Concordance of the Legionfall] 50


Inv staff 2h artifactelune d 01.png Classic

Achievement: [Fighting with Style: Classic]

Scythe of Elune.jpg
Scythe of Elune2.jpg
Scythe of Elune3.jpg
Scythe of Elune4.jpg
This is the default appearance Recover one of the Pillars of Creation Recover  [Light's Heart]
N [100 - 110] Light's Charge
Complete the first major Campaign effort with your order
N Druid [103 - 110] Idol of the Wilds

Inv staff 2h artifactelune d 02.png Upgraded: Envoy of Goldrinn

Achievement: [Fighting with Style: Upgraded]

Envoy of Goldrinn.jpg
Envoy of Goldrinn2.jpg
Envoy of Goldrinn3.jpg
Envoy of Goldrinn4.jpg
Complete the druid Order Campaign
[Forged for Battle]
Unlock every artifact trait
[Power Realized]
Research the full history of the artifact
[Part of History]
Obtain eight rare archeological finds
[This Side Up]

Inv staff 2h artifactelune d 03.png Valorous: Lunarcall

Achievement: [Fighting with Style: Valorous]

Complete the Balance of Power questline
[Improving on History]
Kill eight world bosses
[Unleashed Monstrosities]
Complete a Mythic Mode Dungeon using a level 15 keystone
[Keystone Master]
Earn the achievement [Glory of the Legion Hero]

Inv staff 2h artifactelune d 05.png War-torn: Nightmare's Affliction

Achievement: Alliance [Fighting with Style: War-torn]/Horde [Fighting with Style: War-torn]

Nightmare's Affliction.jpg
Nightmare's Affliction2.jpg
Nightmare's Affliction3.jpg
Nightmare's Affliction4.jpg
Participate in Player vs. Player combat and reach Honor Level 10 Reach Honor Level 30 Reach Honor Level 50 Reach Honor Level 80

Inv staff 2h artifactelune d 06.png Challenging: Manascythe

Achievement: [Fighting with Style: Challenging]

Complete the Twins Challenge questline Defeat Heroic Kiljaeden after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Win 10 rated battlegrounds after unlocking a Challenge artifact appearance Defeat all Legion dungeon bosses after unlocking a challenge artifact appearance

Inv staff 2h artifactelune d 04.png Hidden: Sunkeeper's Reach

Achievement: [Fighting with Style: Hidden]

Sunkeeper's Reach.jpg
Sunkeeper's Reach2.jpg
Sunkeeper's Reach3.jpg
Sunkeeper's Reach4.jpg
Acquire  [The Sunbloom] Complete 30 Legion dungeons after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Complete 200 World Quests after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance Kill 1,000 enemy players after unlocking a Hidden artifact appearance


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