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Concept art of the high sea priest, used for Lord Stormsong
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The Tidesages (also spelled tidesages) or sea priests are a religious Kul Tiran group based in Stormsong Valley, in the Shrine of the Storm. Most people on Kul Tiras look to the seas for guidance the same way others look to the Light, but the tidesages have a much deeper connection with the water.[1]


Long ago, a group of humans from Gilneas left their homes and took to the ocean. They scanned the horizon day and night for a new home, seeking a place that married land and sea to shelter their children from the ocean waves. The ancestor of House Stormsong was the first to hear the whispers of the Tidemother, gentle and imperceptible to all but him, which taught him the power of the seas. Stormsong's powers guided fish and fresh water to the sailors, now masters of the elements, and as Stormsong's powers grew others began to hear the Tidemother. The wind was theirs to command as it powered their sails, and the hulls of their ships became impenetrable to the denizens of the ocean deeps. The sea guided the sailors to a new home, an island that they would call Kul Tiras, and they sent their tidesages to guide others to come to the island as well.[2]

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

In recent days, the Tidesages have withdrawn into their cloisters and seem uninterested in finding the ships of the Kul Tiran fleet that have been missing for months.[3] Long had they listened to the sea to guide their ships and their people, gentle whispers imperceptible to most. But in recent times the voices changed, becoming demanding and even violent.[4] They started manipulating the Void,[5][6] and while many turned hostile and started worshiping the horrors of the ocean, others remained firm in their duties to Kul Tiras. Their aid and mystical oceanic magic is requested in order to locate the missing fleet of legend.[7]

Lord Stormsong is revealed to have become a follower of Queen Azshara, and planned to conduct a ritual that would give her the entire Kul Tiran fleet which the tidesages held hostage. Many tidesages have become k'thir.

After Lord Stormsong's defeat the missing fleet was found, but it could not be called home without the aid of a Proudmoore.[8] Jaina Proudmoore would later save them.[9]


Concept art of a Tidesage.

Tidesages study at Sagehold.[10] The tidesage order also possesses a sizable monastery in Boralus, where visitors are only allowed by boat.[1] They have magical dominion over the oceans, can control water, storms, wind,[11] and have mastery over all the elements.[5] They use wands to control their water elemental constructs.[12] Their aquatic magic also involves runes.[13] They carry ritual implements to augment their power: a Tidal Kris, an Abyssal Beacon, and a Wavecaller's Mantle.[14]

The tidesages bless every last Kul Tiran ship, which is what really sets them apart from the visiting vessels in port.[1] They help bring fish to nets in Tiragarde Sound and rains to the fields in Stormsong Valley. They also bless fishermen and their equipment, read the tides for omens, and pray for the return of sailors. A tidesage's day-to-day job involves, among other things, blessing the ships, reading the waters, and finding the best spots to fish.[15]

The Tidesages carry bells that call souls of the recently deceased to them for later release. They do not bury their dead, for the tides claim all.[16] Spirits are released into rivers that flow to the Shrine of the Storm in the sea. Legends say that as their spirits pass through the Shrine, they aid in the great blessing rituals that all Kul Tiran ships undergo. In that way, they never stop serving their people.[17]

Tidesages use seaweed and seal blubber to create tonics for illnesses.[18] Because storm silver is lightweight and resists corrosion, Kul Tirans use it in their ships.[19] Once this sacred material is blessed by a sea priest for use in shipbuilding, it is buried under water for a year.[20]

The Dapple Gray is the favored mount of the sea priests.[21]

The Tidesages worship a being known as the Tidemother.[22] The magical wards Tidemother's Pride, Tidemother's Radiance, and Tidemother's Wrath that guard the Shrine of the Storm were said to be gifts from the sea itself. They long protected Kul Tiran flagships against even the fiercest storms, but since the Tidesages settled in Stormsong Valley they have instead kept the Shrine safe, as it seems that Lord Stormsong turned their power against outsiders.[23]




A Tidesage Seacaller after they died turned into a K'thir Seacaller.

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