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Seaforium Booster was a quest item only lootable by players on the quest N [41] Razzeric's Tweaking. It was also provided for the quest N [41] Safety First.


This item was looted from crate in a zeppelin crash site in Dustwallow Marsh. The crashed zeppelin is notoriously hard to find and get to. It is up against the mountains which lie on the eastern coast of Dustwallow Marsh. The section of mountains cradle the zeppelin crash like a backwards C. The area of the crash is called Beezil's Wreck. The seaforium booster can be found in a box near the crash. Coordinates (54,56).

As a quest objective

Objective: Retrieve the [Seaforium Booster] for Razzeric in the Shimmering Flats.
Required for completion:
  • Seaforium Booster
Objective: Bring the [Seaforium Booster] to Shreev in Gadgetzan.
Required for completion:
  • Seaforium Booster (provided)

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