Secret Lab Tourism Brochure

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Secret Lab Tourism Brochure

The Secret Lab Tourism Brochure can be found at the Secret Lab in Azshara. [50.4, 74.3] It describes the future of Goblin Engineering.


Secret Lab Tourism Brochure

Welcome to the Secret Lab, Azshara's most engaging new tourist destination!

Have you ever wondered where secrets come from?

Deep in the resource-rich forests of scenic Azshara, goblin scientists are hard at work inventing the secrets of tomorrow for you to enjoy today! For just a small up-front fee you and the whole family can get a front-row seat and watch as skilled goblin engineers probe and taunt the very fabric of the cosmos.

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Why are we here? What makes us intelligent? How many kilo-fraps of volatile energy can we compress into a cubic ounce of dangerously explosive rocket fuel before it goes critical and unleashes a shockwave capable of tipping the planet off its axis? We can find out together. Your secret lab awaits!

<The remaining 36-pages of the brochure consist of complicated legal waivers and a gift shop ordering form.>

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