Seed of the Earth

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This item is acquired from the Ancient Onu at the Grove of the Ancients in Darkshore.

Objective of

The player is asked to acquire this item during the quest A [18] The Seeds of Life.


After accepting the quest from Kathrena Winterwisp, speak to Onu:

Gossip Ancient Onu, where may I find a Seed of the Earth?
Hum, hrm. A powerful reagent for one so young. You will kill many foes in the name of your Alliance, but it is important to remember that in the great cycle, birth is as powerful as death.
<Onu slowly reaches up to his head and withdraws an inconspicuous acorn. He lowers his arm to you with unhurried calm.>
This is extremely potent.
...I apologize, I did not wish that to sound like a boast.

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