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AllianceSeek out SI: 7

10 (Requires 10)


210 EXP




A Rogue [10] Snatch and Grab


Deliver Keryn Sylvius's package to Master Mathias Shaw at the Stormwind Barracks.


The badge? Oh, it's nothing, fish - nothing you could handle anyhow. By the looks of you, I'd say Mathias is likely to mistake you for the cheese delivery <boy/girl> instead of a proper rogue. Regardless, I've been assigned a job and I've made a promise to deliver on that job.

Speaking of which, deliver this package to Mathias and he may give you a small task or two.

Get cracking.


You will receive: 85c


Can I help you, <class>?


You found me - and by looking at you, I'd say the run and subsequent search may have been a great strain on your system, both mentally and physically.

Would you like Renzik to show you the way to an inn or are you ready for some work?


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 210 XP (or 1s 20c at level 70)


You originally get this quest from Keryn Sylvius, the rogue trainer in Goldshire. If you decide to take this quest, be sure you've trained in [Stealth] and [Pick Pocket], either here or at the trainer in Stormwind City. The quest is far easier with these skills, as you'll see below.

Shaw is located in Old Town, on the second floor of the southeasternmost building - you have to pass the rogue trainer to get to him.

Jerod's Landing is located just to the east of the Maclure Vineyards. The area is usually crawling with Defias, and often has the odd Young Forest Bear wandering through as well. Look for a building with a dock along the river in the southern part of the area. The Dockmaster will be in this building, though he occasionally wanders out onto the dock.

The easiest way to complete this quest is by stealthing into the dockhouse, sneaking up behind the Dockmaster, and picking his pocket. (The Dockmaster will mutter suspiciously, but as long as you don't physically touch him, you should be fine.) The shipping schedule is there, and you can sneak back to SI:7 HQ to gain your reward. If you choose to attack the Dockmaster, even if you [Sap] him or perform some other stunning attack, his three bodyguards will spawn outside the dockhouse door. If you manage to survive this ambush, you can take the shipping schedule from the Dockmaster's corpse.


  1. A Rogue [10] Seek out SI: 7
  2. A Rogue [10] Snatch and Grab

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