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Not to be confused with Seers or Far seer.
There are those who seek to lie and twist the truth. Seers, on the other hand, bring the truth to light.
Voren'thal the Seer

Seers are usually someone with the ability to predict the future or see things hidden from mundane eyes, like a clairvoyant or a prophet.

The female is a Seeress.[1]


The three most powerful healers in a tauren tribe support the chief, the most powerful of whom takes the title seer. A chief generally consults his seer and her two contemporaries before making a decision, but this consultation is not required.[citation needed]

Other types

The Seers

Main article: Seers

All priest trainers that are tauren (except Tahu Sagewind, their leader) carry the title "Seer", and the level 20 class quest for tauren priests is called H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif Priest [20D] A Seer's Staff - although the goblin one is called the same - and mentions that the player would "become a full seer" through this mission, implying that the seers and tauren priests are identical or have merged - or have been merged by Blizzard. They are associated with the Sunwalkers and share (re)founding members, but appear to be an independent order.




Crystal satyrs

Forest trolls


Ice trolls

Lost Ones







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