Seething Shore

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MobSeething Shore
Level: 110 - 120
Seething Shore loading screen.jpg
PvP status
Previous: Conflict in Ashran
Conflict in Seething Shore
Conflict: Conflict in Silithus, Blood War
Place: Seething Shore
Outcome: Unknown, ongoing

Alliance Alliance

Horde Horde

Commanders and leaders
Map of Seething Shore.

The Seething Shore is a 10vs10 battleground for level 110 players, introduced in Legion. It is a tropical island in the Veiled Sea off the west coast of Silithus and Feralas, where Azerite is erupting onto the surface. Ogre ruins can be found across the island, and Alliance and Horde gunships hover over it. Nathanos Blightcaller and Mathias Shaw oversee their factions' efforts on the island, and serve as announcers for gameplay purposes.

The Sword of Dawn and Tempest's Roar gunships, flying in N [76] Uncharted Territory above the shore, serve as the new training area for level-boosted charters.

Official overview

Azeroth has been dealt a terrible blow; her wound is grave, and a powerful new substance known as Azerite has been seen seeping up to the surface. As hostilities between the Horde and Alliance reignite, both factions recognize Azerite's potential to turn the coming battle in their favor.
Located on an island near Silithus, the Seething Shore challenges teams to compete for control of Azerite nodes. Three nodes are active at any given time, and the first team to collect 1,500 Azerite claims victory.
To succeed, you'll need team coordination to lock down control of the various nodes across the island, all while keeping a keen eye on the sky for additional power-ups that could give your team the edge you need.


Large quantities of Azerite has been discovered off the coast of Feralas in a forgotten unexplored island now known as the Seething Shore.


Notes and trivia

  • It was initially announced at BlizzCon 2017 alongside Battle for Azeroth features, and was previewed for Legion in the PTR for patch 7.3.5. Later, during the week of February 27 of 2018, it became a Brawl, and in March 7, a fully functional battleground.
  • Most of the soldiers aboard the the two gunships above Seething Shore were previously found on Ashran in Draenor.


Patch changes

Special preview went live on February 27. Placed in normal rotation on March 6.

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