Send the Fleet (Alliance)

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AllianceSend the Fleet

120 (Requires 120)


2g 34s


A [120] Upheaval

For the Horde version of this quest, see H [120] Send the Fleet.


Speak to Harbormaster Cyrus Crestfall to set sail.


This war has cost us dearly, but victory will soon be in our grasp.

What remains of the Horde fleet has departed Zuldazar and our spies say that the Banshee Queen's hand sails at their helm.

This is our chance, <name>! With one strike we can eliminate what remains of their fleet and rid Azeroth of Blightcaller's filth once and for all!

The fleet is preparing to depart, report to the Harbormaster when you are ready to set sail.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s


Never could I have expected this...


Speak to Cyrus Crestfall:

We just finished loading supplies onto the last ship. You can tell Greymane the fleet's ready to depart at any time.
Gossip Greymane is waiting, I'm ready to set sail.

Once you tell him you're ready, a cinematic plays:

Rise of Azshara cinematic (Alliance)

After the loading screen:

You wake up at Tide's Fall. In front of you, Genn is attacked by a Zanj'ir Myrmidon and an Azsh'ari Siegemistress. He switches to worgen form and makes quick work of them.
Genn Greymane says: You should have stayed in the water, snake!
He changes back, but sounds disheartened.
Genn Greymane says: So many dead.


  1. A [120] Send the Fleet
  2. A [120] Upheaval
  3. A [120] Descent
  4. A [120] Fortunate Souls, A [120] Disruption of Power & A [120] Dark Tides
  5. A [120] In Deep
  6. A [120] Up Against It
  7. A [120] Where the Road Leads
  8. A [120] A Way Home

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