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Image of Sensiria
Gender Female
Race Sayaad (Demon)
Level 37
Health 970
Mana 2,861
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Shen'dralar (formerly)
Location Feralas[65.8, 62.8]

Sensiria is a level 37 night elf ghost found in the southern area of the Darkmist Ruins in Feralas.


Sensiria posing as a night elf ghost.

Sensiria was a Highborne night elf and member of the Shen'dralar when she was alive. Verinias loved her, and the two lived together in the city of Darkmist. However, unknown to the citizens of the city, Sensiria was corrupted by the demons of the Burning Legion and was changed into a succubus. Sensiria gifted what she called the glory of the Burning Legion upon Verinias, twisting him into Verinias the Twisted. Verinias, angry at Sensiria for her actions, trapped her in the ruins using the Darkmist Amulet and hoarded the Highborne souls for himself. This prevented her from getting the souls and escaping the ruins. Sensiria and Verinias have been trapped in the ruins since then.

Sensiria tricks adventurers into killing Verinias and freeing her. Upon her escape, she promises players that she will repay the favor. She hasn't fulfilled her promise as of yet.


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