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The Sentinax

The Sentinax was a Legion command ship sent to patrol the Broken Shore and protect the Tomb of Sargeras from the Armies of Legionfall's advance on the island, sending in backup troops to certain areas when necessary.[1]

The Sentinax was eventually called back to Argus where it was destroyed by a hero riding a Lightforged Warframe during a bombing run in the Antoran Wastes.[2]

While the Sentinax hovers an area, it will bombard it with deadly felfire and adventurers can use Sentinax Beacons in order to summon portals from which demons pour out. The demons can then drop  [Mark of the Sentinax], Nethershards and more Sentinax beacons.


  • If you are close enough to the ship's destruction beam, the beam will aggro and follow you.

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