Sentinel Ku-Yao

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Image of Ku-Yao
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,941
Affiliation(s) Niuzao sentinels
Location Sra'vess, Townlong Steppes
Status Alive
Relative(s) Ku-Mo (son)

Ku-Yao is the father of Ku-Mo. He was trapped in the Feeding Pits of Sra'vess.

Ku-Yao can be seen in the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle with his son.


Locating Ku-Yao is the objective of:


Ku-Mo says: I brought you your crossbow, Dad!
Ku-Mo says: Now you can shoot the mantid!
Sentinel Ku-Yao says: I think I'm done fighting for a while, Ku-Mo.
Ku-Mo says: Really?
Sentinel Ku-Yao says: Come on. I think it's time to go home.
Sentinel Ku-Yao says: You should keep that crossbow, Ku-Mo.
Ku-Mo says: Whoah...

Timeless Isle

I am so happy to share this moment with my son. Thank you again for all that you have done for us.

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