Sergeant Brashclaw

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MobSergeant Brashclaw
Image of Sergeant Brashclaw
Race Gnoll (Humanoid)
Level 13 Rare
Health 410
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Riverpaw pack
Location Westfall

Sergeant Brashclaw is a level 13 rare mob gnoll found in a gnoll camp in Westfall. He is on a 2-3 hour respawn timer.

Attacks and abilities

Brashclaw typically has 4-6 gnolls around him able to counter and repel and approaching attackers. Once he begins combat, he will use his Frenzied Command ability, significantly boosting the attack speed of himself and nearby gnolls. Killing Brashclaw does not cancel this buff from any affected mobs.


Notable Loot Dropped:
Inv axe 23.png [Brashclaw's Chopper] Inv sword 20.png [Brashclaw's Skewer]

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