Sergeant Yuval

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AllianceSergeant Yuval
Image of Sergeant Yuval
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Warrior
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Lordaeron, Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation Sergeant
Status Unknown
Student(s) Thassarian, William Allerton

Sergeant Yuval,[1] known then only as Sir, was a human warrior and trainer in Lordaeron.

He was the leading officer of several recruits, one of which was Thassarian. One day Yuval announced that there was a position of corporal available to new recruits and Thassarian wanted it badly. After besting one of the recruits, Yuval ordered two recruits at the same time to attack him. When he saw that Thassarian could take it, he sent another man to the party. The fourth one threw a dagger by surprise at Thassarian's head. Luckily it hit him from the backside, just as the Sergeant had ordered. After the battle, Yuval approached Thassarian to give him a lesson on pride.[2]

His current whereabouts are unknown.


"Textbook. Textbook. Every move in the sword drill, executed perfectly."
"You're a follower, son. You're meant to take orders not give them. And there's no shame in that. Your sword arm is what wins battles, make no mistake, right alongside the other enlisted men. So take that knowledge, embrace it... but forget about rising through the Ranks." - To Thassarian

Notes and trivia

  • Some believed that Sir could be Sergeant after the fall of Durnholde, because of the compassionate way he treated his soldiers. Others thought that Sir could be Sergeant Morigan for the resemblance and high rank, but if this were true he must have shaved after Thassarian's departure. Both theories were proven incorrect when Death Knight's writer, Dan Jolley, revealed the character was just an unnamed soldier doing his job.[3]
  • While tweeting with the user @Yuvalaziza, Dan Jolley suggested that the sergeant's name could be Sergeant Yuval,[1] after him.


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