Sergra Darkthorn (quest)

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HordeSergra Darkthorn

10 (Requires 10)


85 XP


Sergra Darkthorn is the 1st quest in the Sergra Darkthorn quest chain.


Speak with Sergra Darkthorn at the Crossroads.


If you wish to walk the hunter's path, then your journey leads to the Barrens. Its beasts are strong-willed and fierce. You will learn much by hunting there, and your spirit will grow.

Speak with Sergra Darkthorn. She will be your first guide in the Barrens.

Sergra is at the Crossroads. To reach her, travel east from Bloodhoof Village into the Barrens, then north as the road forks. And have care as you travel—the Barrens holds great danger for the unprepared and unwary.


You want to hunt in the Barrens?

Your eyes are eager, and young. They're not yet squinted from tracking your prey across this land's dry plains.

But worry not. We'll toughen your body and your mind. And we'll teach you that there is more to hunting than finding and killing your quarry.

Prepare yourself. Your journey begins. Now.



  • This is a simple travel quest. Head east out of Mulgore along the road into the Barrens. Turn north at the first fork and follow the road to the Crossroads.
  • This quest sends players who start in the Mulgore region (Tauren) to the Barrens. There's a set of similar quests for players starting in Durotar (Orcs and Trolls). These start with the quest Conscript of the Horde from Takrin Pathseeker in Razor Hill.


  1. H [10] Sergra Darkthorn
  2. H [12] Plainstrider Menace
  3. H [13] The Zhevra
  4. H [15] Prowlers of the Barrens
  5. H [13] Echeyakee
  6. H [16] The Angry Scytheclaws
  7. H [18] Jorn Skyseer
  8. H [19] Ishamuhale
  9. H [18] Enraged Thunder Lizards
  10. H [20] Cry of the Thunderhawk
  11. H [27] Mahren Skyseer
  12. H [27] Isha Awak

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