Sermon of the High Exarch

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  • Sermon of the High Exarch
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "The unyielding conviction of the Light is palapable upon these pages."

The Sermon of the High Exarch drops from Exarch Orelis in Gorgrond during the quest H [120] Tyranny of the Light.


Brothers and sisters,

Decades have passed since the last vestiges of the Legion were driven from Draenor. We could not have accomplished this noble undertaking without the help of the orc clans, united as the Mag'har.

Our fondest wish is for all the people of Draenor to remain unified in purpose. Sadly, this dream is not shared by all of those who once stood beside us.

Many noble orcs have embraced the Light. Exarch Hellscream has been an example for his people to follow. Yet sadly, his own father resists the true path.

I believe with all my heart that the Mag'har are destined to join us as servants of the Light. But first, they must be taught to trust the naaru as we do.

The Light Mother has blessed me with visions. I know that one day the Army of the Light will march across the Great Dark Beyond and bring order to countless worlds.

That bold future begins here. With us. We must make Draenor whole again.

I call upon you all to ensure that the future promised by the Light Mother is fulfilled. Purge the infection that prevents Draenor's heart from being whole.

The Light will forge a new future for the orcs... but first, we must save the Mag'har from themselves.

No more division. No more defiance. In the Light, we shall be one.

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