Servant of Drakuru

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MobServant of Drakuru
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Gender Male
Race Scourge troll (Undead)
Level 75 - 76
Health 5,239
Wealth 18s 85c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Drakuru trolls
Location Zul'Drak
Status Killable

Servants of Drakuru are Scourge trolls located in Zul'Drak.


  • Ferocious Enrage - Increases the caster's attack speed by 60% and the Physical damage it deals by 50 for 2 min.
  • Gut Rip - Cut the target for 1200 to 1800 damage and an additional 2250 damage over 9 sec.
  • Rot Armor - Reduces an enemy's armor by 25% for 10 sec.
  • Stunning Force - Stuns an enemy for 6 sec. Cannot be dodged.


Objective of


  • Darmuk must die, mon!

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