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Connected Realms This realm is connected to the realms: Shattered Halls Europe, Boulderfist Europe, Daggerspine Europe, Talnivarr Europe, Trollbane Europe, Ahn'Qiraj Europe, Balnazzar Europe, Laughing Skull Europe, Sunstrider Europe

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Alliance Crest Chromaggus Europe (Player vs Player)
Horde Crest

Chromaggus Europe(PvP)

Official Chromaggus Europe Forum Chromaggus EU, Statistics:

Online Date: 2005-11-10

Total Characters: 14,692

Total Alliance: 5,807 - 40%

Total Horde: 8,885 - 60%

A to H Ratio: 1 : 1.5

Activity Ratio: 1 : 1.2

158 : 122*

  • Number of entries in last 30 days

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PvE progress in BC


Guild List

Alliance Alliance

Last updated : 10-07-07

Horde Horde

Last updated : 27-06-07