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Connected Realms This realm is connected to the realm Tarren Mill Europe
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Dentarg (PvP, Europe, English)

General Info

[Official Dentarg Realm Forum]

Guilds on Dentarg

Alliance Crest Alliance »

No Added Sugar Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
Post Mortem Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory
The Filthy Few Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory

Horde Crest Horde »

Bad Omen Web Icon-armory-18x18.pngArmory

Players on Dentarg

Alliance Crest Alliance (in alphabetical order)

Eldamil - 66 Human Mage

Eltar - 80 Human Paladin

Quelius - 37 Draenei Shaman

Ugarthium - 51 Dwarf Hunter (Retired to play on Arathor)

Horde Crest Horde (in alphabetical order)


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