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Doomhammer history.

Night Raid (NR) was a raiding organization open to any and all players regardless of guild affiliation. It was initially sponsored Caze of Doomhammer.

NR had a loose leadership which consisted of Caze, several other dedicated raiders as well as the Class Guides. The class guides were all experienced raiders who were proficient in both raid strategies and their class. Class guides were responsible for training and coordinating all members of their class during the raids. NR employed a Zero-sum DKP system which allowed earning and sharing all DKP between all Toons which a person had.

Night Raid catered to a large number of end game players who did not want to join a Raiding Guild or else were currently trying to get into one. Some participants in Night Raid were members of Hardcore Raid Guilds which had decided to stop hitting Molten Core every week.

At their prime they killed Onyxia every time the instance reset and sometimes could field enough players to kill her twice during a single reset period. Though progress was tough due to the high amount of turnover in such a loose raiding organization, eventually killing Majordomo Executus.

Once an individual had been raiding for a time, they were usually invited into a parent raiding guild when the need arose. Over time, the membership of night raid grew into a static base, where it became difficult to allow new membership into the nightly raids, due to the high volume of repeat, returning players.

Frustrated with their inability to kill Ragnaros, the leadership of Night Raid felt their time of service was up, and Night Raid was discontinued. Caze then took many of the core raiders and Class Guides of Night Raid and formed Vesper Ortus.