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Eredar EU was one of the german PVP Servers, available at the launch of Classic-WoW.
It is part of the "Blutdurst" (English: Bloodthirst) Battlegroup.


At this point Eredar is the most successful Realm in the western World, with not less than 11 guilds in the worlds top 500. [1]
This makes Eredar the favorite server for PVE players in germany.

Well known for


In Classic and BC WoW, Eredar was the home of Îlluminati, one of germanys most successful guilds.
It later reclaimed it's reputation as a base for successfull raiding when Ad Luna was one of the worlds 10 most successful 10men Guilds in Cataclysm and even reached a world 1st kill (which is no longer traceable).
At the moment with [Refuge] (which came to Eredar at the end of Cataclysm) there is a world top 20 Guild on Eredar again, carrying the Realms excellent reputation as "THE" Server for PvE in germany to a new era.


Eredar is the home of Barlow, a german player that is best known for his hilarious Podcasts concerning the WoW Classes.
Vanion also played on Eredar, when he started his well known Website.

Faction Imbalance

As on most realms, Eredars Factions are far from balanced.
At this moment, there is almost no Alliance activity on the realm and there is only one guild in the servers top 200.

Dedicated Community Pages

Visit the official Realm-Board hosted by Blizzard Europe.

There is a large IRC channel, #eredar, on QuakeNet (

Active Guilds


Lords of Heaven
Tears of Abaddon
LdN Unplugged
Untitled Spreadsheet
TG Gaming